Katarzyna Styszko – full list of publications


Pharmaceutical residues, personal care products, lifestyle chemicals, illicit drugs

Occurrence of pharmaceutical residues, personal care products, lifestyle chemicals, illicit drugs and metabolites in wastewater and receiving surface waters of Krakow agglomeration in South Poland, Katarzyna STYSZKO, Kathryn Proctor, Erika Castrignanò, Barbara Kasprzyk-Hordern, Science of the Total Environment, 2021 vol. 768 art. no. 144360, s. 1–18.

Environmental risk assessment of priority biocidal substances on Polish surface water sample, Justyna DURAK, Tomasz ROKOSZAK, Alicja SKIBA, Przemysław FURMAN, Katarzyna STYSZKO, Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 2021 vol. 28 iss. 1, s. 1254-1266.

Spatio-temporal assessment of illicit drug use at large scale: evidence from 7 years of international wastewater monitoring / Iria González-Mariño, [et al.], Katarzyna STYSZKO, [et al.], Addiction 2020 vol. 115 iss. 1, s. 109–120.

BPA – an endocrine disrupting compound in water used for drinking purposes, a snapshot from South Poland, Ewa KMIECIK, Katarzyna STYSZKO, Katarzyna WĄTOR, Małgorzata DWORNIK, Barbara TOMASZEWSKA, Geology, Geophysics & Environment  2020 vol. 46 iss. 1, s. 5–16.

Atmospheric aerosols

Chemical characterization of PM10 in two small towns located in South Poland, Anna TUREK-FIJAK, Joanna Brania, Katarzyna STYSZKO, Damian ZIĘBA, Zdzisław STĘGOWSKI, Lucyna SAMEK, Nukleonika : the International Journal of Nuclear Research 2021 vol. 66 no. 1, s. 29-34.

Seasonal variability of PM10 chemical composition including 1,3,5-triphenylbenzene, marker of plastic combustion and toxicity in Wadowice, South Poland, Przemysław FURMAN, Katarzyna STYSZKO, Alicja SKIBA, Damian ZIĘBA, Mirosław ZIMNOCH, Magdalena Kistler, Anne Kasper-Giebl, Stefania Gilardoni, Aerosol and Air Quality Research, 2021 vol. 21 iss. 3 art. no. 200223, s. 1–22.

Application of natural carbon isotopes for emission source apportionment of carbonaceous particulate matter in urban atmosphere: a case study from Krakow, Southern Poland, Mirosław ZIMNOCH, Lucyna SAMEK, Leszek FURMAN, Katarzyna STYSZKO, Alicja SKIBA, Zbigniew GORCZYCA, Michał GAŁKOWSKI, Kazimierz RÓŻAŃSKI, Ewa Konduracka,  Sustainability 2020 vol. 12 iss. 14 art. no. 5777, s. 1–9.

Complex characterization of fine fraction and source contribution to PM2.5 mass at an urban area in Central Europe, Lucyna SAMEK, Anna TUREK-FIJAK, Alicja SKIBA, Przemysław FURMAN, Katarzyna STYSZKO, Leszek FURMAN, Zdzisław STĘGOWSKI, Atmosphere 2020 vol. 11 iss. 10 art. no. 1085, s. 1–13.

Improved chloride quantification in quadrupole aerosol chemical speciation monitors (Q-ACSMs), Anna K. Tobler, Alicja SKIBA, Dongyu S. Wang, Philip Croteau, Katarzyna STYSZKO, Jarosław NĘCKI, Urs Baltensperger, Jay G. Slowik, André S. H. Prévôt,  Atmospheric Measurement Techniques 2020 vol. 13 iss. 10, s. 5293–5301.